Expressions of Multi-Cultural Heritage -
Mixed Media

My Art is an edgy discussion in color, shape and composition.

The work is radiant, exuberant, and arresting. The juxtaposition of various seemingly unrelated materials and forms create a lively visual play.
My rich and diverse heritage of Native American, African and Eastern European roots provide the inspiration of these whimsical and dramatic Masks.

Using re-purposed wood as my base I arrange elements I have made of lampwork beads, fused glass, metals and enamel pieces to create these colorful, bold and powerful images.

Some Masks feel symbolic and celebratory while others express attitude and character.
These Masks make me smile, contemplate, question, and bring me hope.
I know they will do the same for you.

I was born and raised in The Bronx, NY and graduated from NYU with a BA in Art Education. I have lived, taught and created in various materials on both U.S. coasts and several cities between.

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